Chairman's Statement

I welcome you all to the Diete-Spiff Education is Key Foundation (DESK Foundation) – a Foundation set up in honour of the First Governor of the old Rivers State by some people who benefited immensely from the visionary educational policies he instituted at that time. Those policies set the framework for the award of both local and foreign scholarships as well as bursaries – all of which made it possible for many eligible young men and women to enter and finish both secondary school and university studies in various fields.

Today, many of these students are Heads of and Consultants to governments, organizations, multinational companies, and corporations worldwide. We were given opportunity and enabled to be the successful professionals and intellectuals that we are today. And we want to give back to the society and enable this generation of young people by bridging the gap between the good-past and the present.

In the same vein, we also want to honor this First Governor of Rivers State with a great passion for education who created the opportunity for us to be what we are today as well as other Great Men and Women who have contributed to educational development in the old Rivers state (which has now been divided into two states – Rivers State and Bayelsa State). This unique honor will also include the awarding of scholarships and bursaries on merit, the building and equipping of schools and libraries, and making contributions to other human capacity development programs.

We welcome and look forward to your comments and contributions as we embark on this very important human resource development initiative.