His early life

He was born on Friday July 30, 1942 at Nembe, and his weight at birth was 12 pounds.
His Father and Mother were Initially primary school Teachers, before becoming employed as civil Servants. His Father was a distinguished Postmaster before taking up the traditional Chieftaincy Stool of Amangi.
more so, due to the transfer of His Father to Cameroon, Alfred started his Primary school education in 1947, at the Government school, Beau in Cameroon. The young Lad needed to put his hand across his head to touch his ear to be properly registered for his infant class in 1948, and was later admitted to St. Joseph secondary school Sasse, also in Cameroon. 

After his schooling in Cameroon, he took up a job with the meteorological department of the ministry of transport, Lagos, then he later changed to the Nigerian Navy, where he started out with the merchant Navy in 1961, and because of his great performance,the Navy sent him to the Britannia Naval College, Dartmouth, England, and after his return to Nigeria between 1964-1965, he was commissioned ships diving Officer.
Furthermore, the political upheavals in Nigeria led to the 1966 coup and counter coup, and the appointment of the 24 years, 9 months and 29 days old Naval Lieutenant Commander; Alfred Diete-spiff as the Military Governor of Rivers state on May 27, 1967. Those were the heady days of war, and Rivers State happened to be in the heart of Rebel Biafra.

His projects in old Rivers State

 The vision and Realism of this Great states’ man was notably seen, as he planned and executed many developmental programs and projects, that no other Government after 33 years was able to match or  surpass his performance in Government.

The Rivers State Secretariat Complex

One major project of legacy is the Rivers State Government secretariat that was the biggest Government secretariat complex in the country apart from the Federal secretariat in Abuja, the River state Secretariat is a cluster of about 6, nine storey building , and was the highest building in the South South.

The Alfred Diete-Spiff Civic centre in Port Harcourt

And others, are the Port Harcourt Civic Center, which is now called the Alfred Diete-spiff Civic center, the Rivers State University, and Human capacity development-projects.

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